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10 students to represent Cal State L.A. in statewide research competition

March 18, 2014
Cal State LA Newsroom

10 students to represent Cal State L.A. in statewide research competition

March 18, 2014
Cal State LA Newsroom
Research to focus on Chicano studies, anti-cancer drug delivery,  new species, emotion enhanced memory, more


Covering research topics ranging from anti-cancer drug delivery to emotion enhanced memory, 10 Cal State L.A. students will represent the University at the 28th Annual CSU Student Research Competition at Cal State East Bay on May 2-3, 2014.

Sponsored by the California State University (CSU) Office of the Chancellor, the statewide competition will consist of 10 discipline categories in the undergraduate and graduate levels. Each student will have 10 minutes to present an oral presentation to an audience and jury, who will then have five minutes to ask questions.

The following 10 Cal State L.A. students, who were recently selected from the Cal State L.A. Symposium on Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity, are competing in the statewide research competition.

  • Chance Anderson (Lake View Terrace resident; M.S., biology) – “Liposomes Formulated With Host Derived Lipids Inhibit Biofilm Formation of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Induce Bacterial Aggregation.” (Faculty mentor: Edith Porter)
  • Meline Baghdasarian (Glendale resident; M.S., mechanical engineering) – “Mixing in Thermally Stratified Nonlinear Spin-Up with Sources and Sinks.” (Faculty mentor: Arturo Pacheco-Vega)
  • John Berriman (Orange resident; M.S., biology) – “Describing New Species and Quantifying Diversity in the Sacoglossan Genus Oxynoe, a Proposed Biocontrol Vector, Using Molecular and Morphological Data.” (Faculty mentor: Patrick Krug)
  • Darin Brown (Los Angeles resident; M.A., psychology) – “Multimodal Emotion Enhanced Memory: Congruent vs. Incongruent Cross Processing Effect on Recall.” (Faculty mentor: Joel Ellwanger)
  • Jeanette Cobian-Iñiguez (Chula Vista resident; M.S., mechanical engineering) – “Parametric Analysis of a Compact Fin and Tube Heat Exchanger.” (Faculty mentor: Arturo Pacheco-Vega)
  • Daniel Collister (Arcadia resident; B.S., mathematics, applied option) – “The Coloring of the Number Line and the Lonely Runner.” (Faculty mentor: Daphne Liu)
  • Sarah Conklin (Los Angeles resident; M.A., counseling) – “Parents as Behavior Change Agents.” (Faculty mentor: Michelle Wallace)
  • Justin D’Agostino (Santa Monica resident; M.A., anthropology) – “Symbolizing Colors and Directions to Hidden Food Items.” (Faculty mentor: James Brady)
  • Carolyn Kan (Whittier resident; B.S., biochemistry) – “Synthesis and Characterization of Kinase Inhibitors Encapsulated in mPEG-PLGA NPs for Anticancer Drug Delivery.” (Faculty mentor: Yong Ba)   ***Cal State L.A.’s 2014 Phi Kappa Phi Travel Award
  • Jimmy Solis (Whittier resident; M.A., history) – “Establishing the Nation’s First Chicano Studies Department at CSULA.” (Faculty mentors: Francisco Balderrama, Enrique Ochoa, Carol Srole, Michael Soldatenko and Mark Wild)

Each year, the CSU Student Research Competition follows the annual Cal State L.A. Symposium on Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity. The aim of the campus symposium is to encourage all Cal State L.A. students—undergraduate and graduate in every discipline—to showcase their papers, projects and research endeavors. It also provides them an opportunity to network with administrators, faculty and peers. For information about the symposium and its 10 student delegation, call the Office of Research and Development at (323) 343-3798.

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