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Cal State LA receives federal grant to upgrade the hydrogen station on campus

April 03, 2024
A car in front of the hydrogen station at Cal State LA.
Photo: Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility at Cal State LA. (Credit: Cal State LA)

Cal State LA receives federal grant to upgrade the hydrogen station on campus

April 03, 2024
A car in front of the hydrogen station at Cal State LA.
Photo: Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility at Cal State LA. (Credit: Cal State LA)

Los Angeles, CA — Cal State LA has received a $7 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to upgrade the university’s Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility.

The grant is part of the Department of Transportation’s effort to strategically deploy publicly accessible electric vehicle charging and alternative fueling infrastructure in places where people live and work.

Through the federal grant, the university’s Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility will be transformed into a cutting-edge, high-capacity hydrogen fueling station for multi-modal light- to heavy-duty vehicles. The project will involve redesign of the station, which will showcase the university’s commitment to safety, state-of-the-art hydrogen technology, and performance research that can advance the industry forward.

Located on the northern tip of the 710 Freeway while intersecting the 10 Freeway, the publicly accessible hydrogen station will service public customers and fleets, including the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Led by principal investigator David Blekhman, professor of technology in the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology at Cal State LA, the grant project will also reinforce Cal State LA as a premier hydrogen talent training center through its internship program that focuses on developing the next generation engineering workforce.

“With multi-billion investments into the hydrogen economy, the Department of Transportation $7 million award opens a new chapter for the operation of the Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility,” said Blekhman, who is also director of Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility. “This funding creates opportunities for faculty and students to leverage research, workforce training, and industry collaborations.”

The Hydrogen Research and Fueling Facility at Cal State LA, which officially opened in 2014, is the largest such facility on a university campus in the United States that produces its own hydrogen on site via electrolysis. The station is capable of using renewable sources, such as solar and wind power for hydrogen production. It was the first station in California to be certified to sell fuel to the public.

The award is part of a total of $623 million in grant funding that will expand the alternative fuel vehicle charging network, invest in major transportation corridors, and promote American jobs and leadership in the field.

“This funding will help ensure that EV chargers are accessible, reliable, and convenient for American drivers, while creating jobs in charger manufacturing, installation, and maintenance for American workers,” said U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

The grant program also advances President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative, which set a goal that 40% of the overall benefits of federal investments flow to disadvantaged communities that are marginalized by underinvestment and overburdened by pollution.

“Every community across the nation deserves access to convenient and reliable clean transportation,” said U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm. “The Biden-Harris Administration is bringing an accessible, made-in-America charging network into thousands of communities while cutting the carbon pollution that is driving the climate crisis.

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